"An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it." - J.F.K.

The Story

April 25 2011 was the day I found out the existence of my six month old son. I was to say at the very least devastated. My reality was that my Ex gave our son up for adoption. When I found out the news I immediately hired a law firm in Charlotte, NC, Hatcher Law Group. My lawyers and I went to battle Christian Adoption Services. My attempt to intervene in court did not go the way I planned. I had a Judge tell me I had no right to intervene and my Constitutional fundamental right as a parent would be usurped. The most basic law of humanity, to create a child, and raise that child would be taken away. Her reason was I was not involved during my Ex's pregnancy and offered no support to her or my son. What is so significant is at no time did I know my Ex was pregnant, nor did I know that when her and I broke up that she was pregnant. In the Judges mind a flawed adoption statute trumps the Constitution of the United States. What is even more shocking is every wall in the court room had National Adoption Day banners hanging on them. Literally huge adoption banners on every wall in the courtroom.

What makes this story more interesting is not just the fact that I had no knowledge of my sons existence, but the adoption agency actually had my name and could have found me before the Adoption Petition was filed. When I was able to see some of the paperwork that my Ex filled out I noticed something strange. The Birth Father Information sheet had Gregory Johns initially, however looking more closely "Johns" was crossed out and the name "James" was written instead. There it was Gregory "James", and what was more upsetting was the fact that "James" was not written in my Ex's handwriting. Someone from the adoption agency crossed out "Johns" and put "James ."  Click to View

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Please help me be able to continue this legal battle and to bring my son home! Thank You for your help!